Apr 2

Baby Sean

Posted by Matty

Our friends, Stacey & John, recently ‘made’ the cutest lil’ boy, so I had to make some clothes and a blanket that suited him.

Prior to this experience, I had never really worked with patterns. At least nothing complicated or involving more than two pieces. I was a newbie, green, a pattern virgin, if you will, and I was scared. For some reason patterns don’t make much sense to me and I go a bit mad trying to figure it all out.

So I asked my friend Penny to help me with this project, which she did graciously. Of course, Penny also pointed out that I picked probably the most difficult pattern from the set (a bunting) and that I had forgotten the lining fabric. So I switched gears and together we worked on a couple of overalls. I finished it on my own and was so thrilled that I decided to tackle that vexing bunting.

I also decided that due to my success with my first quilt, that a baby blanket would be just the thing for Sean. I picked up a book on chenille baby quilts (in-a-day) and started the project. (For those novices out there, chenille fabric is a bit unruly and a true bitch to work with. Be warned.) The instructions for this quilt were a bit different from my earlier quilt, so I learned a couple of new techniques along the way.

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