May 2

How can one simple fabric cause so much harm? See what happens when you place me up against man’s worst invention.

Before my parents came for a visit, they called to see if I wanted any of the fabrics left from my grandma. “Sure,” I say, unknowing and innocent. I could use extra fabric to make more for charities. “Bring it on!” (Do you feel the chill of foreshadowing down your spine?)

So my parents show up with boxes (BOXES!) of something that smells. Hmmmm, I’m sure it can be washed. We open them up and -whoa! All I see is polyester. And not today’s kind, no. Double-knit poly. The kind that withstands the test of time, but not fashion. Polyester that gave rise to the disco revolution, then turned it’s ugly head and caused toxic fumes and melted flesh when it caught on fire. How much evil can one fabric cause?

And now it’s in my house.

OK, so I’ve been given this quantity of man-made fabric that is basically unwearable. Plus, it stinks. A lot. I try washing it to clear the air. This works okay, until you actually try to use it for something. Then the scent comes screaming back at you like other demons from your past! Arghh.

So what’s a girl to do? I sweetly make a set of placemats for my dear mum for Mother’s Day. Surprise. Happy Mom’s Day! Enjoy these durable dining decorations, but please – keep them away from any candles!

Oh, yeah. I still have plenty of polyesters to use up (and in such loverly browns and cords). Plus yarn. Plenty of yarn. Yarn of which I don’t know how to clean (so it still stinks) and I don’t know how to knit or crochet… yet. 😉

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