May 4

Stina’s BCW

Posted by Matty

Christina’s unique and curiosly-warm quilt has a great story interwoven in it for those in the know. (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.)

One of the biggest compliments that I got for the CW quilt was that our friend Christina (Stina) would always be wrapped in it when she came over. I mean you couldn’t separate this quilt from the girl. So it was decided that Stina needed a quilt of her own. The challenge was having it match her style and personality. Matty helped me with the ideas and I started the ‘Stina quilt’, or BCW as we call it around the house.

As the quilt started to come together, it seemed that the sultry poses on the quilt blocks would add to the heat of this quilt. The final piece d’resistance is the backing. The huge, fleece terror-fighting backing. This really made the quilt for Stina – and just in time for the war.

Here’s a few snapshots to keep you warn until you have your own curiously-warm quilt.

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