Jul 17

Scarf #1

Posted by Matty

I’ve started knitting and have actually produced something not too horrid. Bucky will be more than happy to wear it in the Gryffindor common room. Admit it, you’re intrigued now. At least take a look.

Thanks to some friends and a major stash of yarn, I’ve learned to knit. Much like my quilting, I found it easier to pick up a children’s book to learn. There are lots of pictures and good instructions, plus you take it in levels as not to let your head explode.

I won’t be posting pictures of the first few items I tried to make. No, those are only for a good laugh and to keep me humble. But I’ve finally made something I can be proud of… a scarf.

Sure, it’s not rocket science or even a sweater. But doesn’t Bucky look warm and toasty? He’s just grinnin’ -as happy as can be. Perhaps he’s heading off to a magical school to learn Quidditch?

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