Dec 5

Temperatures are dropping; lights are twinkling; malls are overcrowding. Yup, it must be the holidays!

Just like the Jones’, we’ve put up our tree and hung (most of) our lights. Sure, I still need to get a wreath (eBay) and there’s a bit more decorating to be done, but I’m feeling that crushing pressure of deadlines, purchases and family that can only mean one thing: Merry friggin’ Christmas!

Okay, so my attitude isn’t really that bad. I like Christmas just fine. (It’s no Halloween, but what can ya’ do?)

Luckily, I have a sweet and loving husband (yes, he’ll see this) that keeps me in the spirit and keeps me happy.

Here’s an early wish for all of you that you might find a bit of this happiness and joy. Merry Christmas, indeed.

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