Jan 3

Stash Lock Down!

Posted by Nanc

Within the past four months, I’ve seen a lot of knitting blogs referring to “Stash Reductions” and “Yarn Diets.” I’ve been intrigued, but never jumped in.

Recently, it has come to my attention that I have more fabric and yarn than this home will hold. (Funny how if it’s hidden in the back of the closet it doesn’t really count. 😉 I’ve been found guilty of amassing masses of textiles and fibers.

Starting immediately, I am self-imposing the 2004 Stash Lock Down! program. It will be a tough-love situation with sweatshop-like conditions. An’ I ain’t gonna be no fabrics’ biatch!

The topic has rarely come up in blog conversation, but I have a lot of fabric and yarn. (Only notable comment came when my folks unloaded a huge box full of yarn that was my gndma’s.) And honestly, I don’t have a huge stash compared with many of my compatriot. But living in a one bedroom/one computer-room apartment doesn’t lend itself to hoarding anything.

So I resolve to use up my stashes of flannel and fleece, of acrylic and wool, and of white denim and scraps. (Pretty specific on that last one, huh?)

The rules are:

  • No new purchases of fabric or yarn. *
  • If by 12/31/04 I still have a lot of fabric or yarn, then I must find homes/donate 50% of the remaining stash.
  • If prior to 12/31/04 my stash is completely depleted, new purchase can be made for immediate projects.
  • Every scrap is included in the stash count. No saved bits of fabric for the eventual quilt square. No snippet of yarn held over for catnip-mouse stuffing.
  • Bonez will preside as final judge in the event that there is remaining stash after this sentence, er… year is complete.

* A caveat to the first rule: purchases may be made if required to complete a current WIP.

Can I serve the time? Will I be “scared straight” and keep my future stashes to a minimum? Come back for visitations and I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going.

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