Jan 8

Magically Delicious

Posted by Nanc

No. I’m not talking about that kid’s cereal with the leprechaun. And those who know me know that I wouldn’t tout the word “magically” about unless I really meant it.

And I do. These are the most incredible, edible frozen treats ever! * See what all the hubbub’s about.

* Qualifier: non-chocolate, frozen treats.

Melon Pops!

I can’t get over how yummy they are. The box I have is Kroger&reg brand. They are watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew flavored frozen popsicles.

No, wait. The flavors don’t do them justice. They are awesome. It’s the middle of winter and I can have the summer goodness of melon anytime I want! Sure, it’s not real fruit and they’re not healthy (but at 40 cal per pop and 0 fat, they’re not a tub o’ butter either).

It started because I was feeling a bit sick with sore throat, and frozen dairy wasn’t gonna cut it. I wasn’t expecting them to taste anything more than ‘cold’. I mean, come on now, they’re Kroger brand and simply state “Refreshing Flavors… Melon Pops” on the box. At most, I was expecting the overly sweet muck of Jolly Rancher candy.

But they are refreshing mana from the icebox heavens! They really nailed the melons’ flavors, too. Yes, watermellon! Yes, cantaloupe! And Oh Yes, my sweet, sweet friend honeydew!

And an odd bonus ta’ boot… the color of the honeydew popsicle is unbelievably gorgeous! An icy green; barely a tangible color hidden beneath the cold.

And I swear that I’m not delirious with fever, or even plain nuts.

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