Jan 14

Challenge #1: Fleece

Posted by Nanc

In order to reduce my sentence (and my stash, he he) for the 2004 Stash Lock Down! I need to be on my best behavior. To encourage this, I’m planning a handful of challenges to get me motivated. The first of these is to deplete my fleece stash by leap day (Feb 29).

That’s my current stash of fleece. Sure, it may not look like a lot, but it is. There’s quite a bit that you’re not seeing, too, because I’ve already started on this challenge and have hats on my sewing table as we speak.

Right after Christmas, I went to the Joann’s and picked up a LOT of fleece on sale, with plans of making hats for Ship Support. When I got home, I realized that I already had tons of fleece in my stash, but mostly in baby or girlie colors. (Which won’t work for tough soldiers.) So I put together this challenge.

I’m giving myself until February 29 to use up all of my fleece. Here’s my strategy:

  • I’ll sew adult hats for Ship Support (in dark, manly colors and patterns).
  • Gonna work on baby clothes, booties and mittens for Bundles of Love.
  • I’ll make toddler, teen and adult hats for afghans for Afghans, Klamath Falls Mission, and Father’s House International.
  • Scraps of any size will be sewn into ugly quilts for Cuddles Animal Shelter. (Donated to local animal shelters.)

And the best thing about this… is that all of the above groups are projects for the first three months of AC4C! Bonus.

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