Jan 31

It’s SMURFadelic!

Posted by Nanc

When you live with a collector, there comes a point in your relationship when they start to wonder how is it that you don’t have any collections of your own. (Fabric and yarn don’t count, I’m told.) Like there might be something wrong with your mentality.

What? You haven’t checked out his PEZ collection yet?!

So I dipped back into the pools of my youth and thought about what brought me joy and happiness. Hmmmm. Sure, there was that phase of the penguins, but I’m all over that now. And I do like the dragon- and damselflies, but there’s too much ugly out there that people will think make great gifts. But I do recall a small, blue figure.

I remember saving (ha!) my money (ha-ha!) to go to a really unique set of stores called Markets International (or something). This was an awesome collection of stores, many of them carrying foreign goods (way before Pier 1 and World Market got in the game). And the food court of this mall was an aromatic paradise.

One of the stores sold mostly Snoopy merchandise, but they also stocked Smurfs. Schtroumpf. Schlumpfe. These little, blue guys (and girl) were my friends for many years. (Probably more years than my parents could be happy about.) I loved my collection of Smurfs in crazy and outlandish poses! I watched the cartoon and, even to my own dismay, was a member of the Smurf Club… for two years.

Well, my blue buddies were packed away and lost to adolescence. I don’t know what ever happened to them, perhaps one day I’ll find this treasure again. But for now, I’ve started a new group of blue.

Most, if not all, of my collection was purchased on eBay. I’ve only seen one or two Smurfs at flea markets around here, and they were overpriced. Peyo&reg still makes new Schlumpfes for European kids; and by no means am I the only collector out there. But here’s my humble beginning to my Smurf army. Click on the pix for a different angle.

Check back, as I’ll be focusing my attention on various Smurfy goings-on.

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