Feb 1

It’s the Smurf Bowl!

Posted by Nanc

My tribute to the Super Bowl. (Yeah, it’s on right now. No, I’m not watching it. Don’t even get me started.)

Here you’ve got the quarterback, the ref, cheerleaders, and a whole slew of Smurfy fans! What’s that? Gargamel seems to be taking notes. Perhaps he’s copying their plays and runs?

Looks like the coach didn’t agree with the ref’s call. Oooh. Tempers flare at these sporting events.

Click on more to get a glimpse into a Smurf Bowl party.

Oh. Well, it looks like you caught them during the half-time show. Hmmm. Doesn’t look too exciting – it’s always about the commercials anywho.

Boy those Smurfs do look like they’re having fun; eating, drinking and being merry! Those are some good times.

Well, no matter if your team won or lost (or never came close to winning any games this season), here’s wishing you all a Smurfy day!

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