Feb 1

Washcloth #3

Posted by Nanc

True to her word, Ang gave me some more cotton yarn in new (to me) and exciting colors. This will allow me to keep on making washcloths without purchasing any more yarn!

Can’t you just feel the excitement? It’s nearly tangible; this great energy rush all for a washcloth. (Well, at least the sarcasm is tangible.)

Washcloth numero tres.

Knitted in what I believe is Lion Brand&reg Kitchen Cotton in Cornmeal 257 colorway. The pattern I used was a scarf pattern in my Learn to Knit book. I just made it square, instead of continuing to make a long, skinny rectangle (aka ‘scarf’). It was a basic garter stitch with some offset yarn-overs that make a pattern.

Pretty simple. Pretty boring. Not all of life can be fun fur and lucious yarns.

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