Feb 2

These are tasty-good yum-yum. I highly recommend them for most any- and everything. I’m currently eating on the Sundried Tomato Basil variety, but am anxious to taste the Garden Spinach Herb.

I’ve always been a little put-off of the sandwich wraps, especially in the bland flour tortillas. These, however, give that extra bit of boost that was needed to reach tasty-good heights.

In a similar, but failed vein: French’s&reg GourMayo does nothing for me. Perhaps I picked the blandest of the bunch, Sun Dried Tomato, but I got no “zing” of taste excitement. More like, ugh – taste like mayo. I may try the Wasabi Horseradish if they ever come out with a small sampler or single-serving package.

Tip: Don’t use mayo on the wraps, it’s too… blah. A little bit o’ honey mustard is the way to go.

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