Feb 4

Too cute for pix

Posted by Nanc

Sometimes, I am a boob. (Like as a goofball or a dork, not a mammary gland.)

I have made some über cüt magnets and packaged them in equally c&#0252t tins (from The Container Store). The recipients’ name or an apropriate quip spelled out in stickers was affixed to the lid, side, or under-the-lid of the tin. These were are fun and clever and simple to make. They are going out in the mail today.

I, however, forgot to take pix of any of it. [grumble, grumble- my own stupidity, grumble]

I guess it was due to the confusion of finding other cute stuff at The Container Store, like this, this, and this. Oh, well. Another day, another goof-up. At least it’s minor. % )

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