Feb 27

Too Many PEZ?

Posted by Matty

Yeah, right.

I have procrastinated, and now I have way too many new PEZ to post. So bear with me. These have accumulated since Christmas. I have some cool and fancy Star Wars dispensers, cool stuff from my family and more.

Where to start? Nevermind, I figured it out. I am just going to kinda ramble for a while up here about the new stuff, where I got it, what I think of it, and stuff like that. The photos are below in no particular order (because I am really tired and lazy).

#1: Crystal Star Wars

PEZ came out with these last year, and they are pretty nice. I balked at the price ($25 per) and hoped that the price would come down. I managed to get the set for a bit less from craignymet on ebay. (good seller and friendly guy)

These dispensers are made from the same molds as the recent Star Wars set. The difference is that the heads on Darth Vader and Yoda are “crystal” plastic. C3-P0 received some sort of a chroming treatment.

Prognosis: These are cool. I don’t feel cheated and angry. They look nice on the shelf with all of their PEZ friends. And, the lack of “feet” gives them a cool retro feel.

#2: Convention Snowman

The story is that there are a limited number of this piece available (2000 made). They were provided to various conventions by PEZ as a giveaway. The mold is for a standard snowman, but the use of ugly colors, glow-in-the-dark plastic and more make it something that you should probably see.

My better half thinks this dispenser is ugly. I agree. But, I also believe that sometimes an item can be so ugly that it becomes beautiful. Unfortunately, this is not one of those pieces. But I like the crystals and the glow in the dark. I bought this online, and probably paid too much. Such is life.

Prognosis: an ugly, shame-based purchase. Don’t judge me.

#3: Free Pez

Our friend, Aaron brought by some PEZ from the holidays. He brought a reindeer, a polar bear and Speedy Gonzales. I imagine that he ripped them from the grasp of nieces and nephews and made them cry. Ahh, Christmas…

Prognosis: Did you not see that they were free? you know, gratis nada zip zero? That’s always cool!

#4: Crystal Tweety and Cubs Charlie Brown

These two are also from craignymet. The Tweety was a special release in Europe with the release of the Looney Tunes: Back in Action flick. For some reason, I thought that it was important for me to have this, but I don’t remember why. I think that I paid 15-ish for Tweety. The Charlie Brown is an okay piece, given out at a Chicago Cubs game a few years ago. He was cheap, and I have no other reason for buying him.

Prognosis: I didn’t have them, now I do. They were both pretty cheap, and both were created in limited numbers.

#5: Easter PEZ

Nanc and I spent a fair amount of time looking for this new American issued series. We finally found them at Walgreen’s and boy, are they something! Look at the picture below (with comedy genius Tina Fey). Have you seen anything so hideous? (The PEZ, not Tina.) I am honestly afraid that these dispensers will come to life and kill me. This may seem like an irrelevant fear until you look at the photo.

Prognosis: Please don’t kill me, evil egg man!

#6: Euro Sourz

These came from Myke and Jimmy (okay, just Jimmy) when he was recently in Europe. The packaging has changed for European issues, and the artwork is pretty cool. He also included a package of refills, which I will most likely break open and eat.

PEZ candy, an aside:
PEZ is actually two different companies, PEZ, Inc. in the U.S., and a European PEZ company. They are totally separate entities. They release different dispensers, and different candy. Truth is, the American candy tastes bad, like household cleaners. The European candy tastes much better, and there are a wider variety of flavors.

Prognosis: free, didn’t have the packaging… and tasty candy.

#7: Heart PEZ

I have several of these, but when I saw this Valentine’s Heart PEZ at Target, I knew that I would have to buy it. Half of the heart is actually missing. (insert your half-hearted joke here.) This is really a testimony to quality control. Yep, It left the factory like this. And then somebody stocked it on a shelf.

Prognosis: Heart-broken.

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