Feb 28

Stone Smurfer

Posted by Nanc

It’s not often that one can find an occasion to show off their brick layer/stone mason Smurf. It’s just because of this that I feel compelled to bring you pix of this Smurf hard at work.

Our apt. complex has been doing some repair lately. First it was the new roofing. (It was amazing to watch these workers move from rooftop to rooftop; 10-15 workers per building, and done within a day and a half! Wow.) Now it’s removing the old wood r.r. ties and replacing the support with stone walls. A definite improvement. They’re also replacing the siding on the buildings and it’s lookin’ nice. (They haven’t started on our building yet, but they’re working this way.)

In these pics, you can see that my brick layer Smurf has been a great help with getting that stone wall up and set. The rain postponed it a few days, but it’s nothin’ a Smurf can’t deal with.

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