Apr 29

Tangerine Dreams

Posted by Nanc

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Behold my Chucks!

I have never owned a pair of Converse before. Yes, I am part of the generation that brought Chucks into fashion. But somehow I missed the boat. (That happened a lot growing up.) So my Matty got me these. Aren’t they delish!

I [heart] Cons. Especially Tang Cons.

Apr 23

On Sunday, I found the worst gift ever to be donated to a thrift store!

Think of the worst gift you’ve ever received. Now double it, brace yourself and take a look.

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Apr 21


Version: 1.1

KER+ Exp+ SPM@ Bam+(+) Steel+ Wood Loom+ Syn+@ Nov+ Cot+ Wool Lux- Stash(++) Scale>+ Fin Ent? Tex+ Felt> Int> Flat++ Circ>+ DPN> Swatch- KIP++ Blog+(+) SNB>+ FO>+ WIP(3) GaugeF-(S)W+B ALTQSw>+ Char+(+) Self>


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Apr 20

So, I’ve been (re)learning Spanish in preparation of my trip to Honduras. I took four years of it in H.S., but fell out of it almost immediately after graduation. Besides, it probably doesn’t hurt to know it living in Tejas.

I’m more than half way through the Pimsleur® Spanish I class; and from what I’m learning so far, this trip will either be a hoot or a crash-n-burn failure.


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Apr 19

Update and the low down

Posted by Nanc

A while back, I blogged about knitting baby blankets for my friend K’s twins. The one binky started out fine. I like the pattern and the yarn is great to work with. But… [y’all knew that was coming] It was going to take quite a bit more yarn that I had purchased (and it’s not cheap yarn).

So instead of making two $70 blankets [eep!], I decided to pare down and knit up some sweater sets.

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Apr 19

Vegetarian (Felt) Peeps

Posted by Nanc

It seems that the only people I know who love Marshmallow Peeps® are those that can’t have them. My heart goes out to my vegetarian friends that are betrayed by that most evil of all compounds, gelatin.

So it’s in their honor that I make felt Peeps.

I’ll be up front and honest about this; I can’t figure out how to make the chicks, only the bunnies. deal, okay? And enjoy my efforts.

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Apr 14

Matzah Man

Posted by Matty

Matzah Man – A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man…who does not exist.

In the spirit of Easter, I cleaned up this article about the crackerman. Not a new story, just brought it over from the old site.

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Apr 13

donation information

Posted by Nanc

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Apr 11

Hoppy Easter!

Posted by Nanc

Wishing you a happy and sunny Easter, and may you find all the hidden eggs before they start to smell.

Apr 9

I ‘hablo’ Spanish.

Posted by Nanc

A little bit. But I’m getting there, day by day.

Matty picked me up some Pimsleur® Spanish lessons. There are two “classes”, Spanish 1 and 2, each with 30 30-minutes lessons. The plan is to listen to one lesson every day and before I know it (or head off to Honduras), I’ll be speakin’ like a classroom Spaniard.

Even though I’ve had them for a few weeks, I haven’t listened every day so I’m only up to lesson 11. But I’m crackin’ the whip, y’all! By my schedule, I should be fluent to speak and understand ‘Castillano’ no later than early June. (That’s with few days off for bueno behavior.)