Apr 7

Mission Trip

Posted by Nanc

What: a mission trip with my parents and members from local (OH) Lutheran churches.

Where: Nueva Victoria, Honduras, Central America – in the Santa Barbara region of Central Honduras

When: July 4-14, 2004 (although these dates may change by a day or so)

Why: a good question. Because ‘I can and want to’ is my best answer so far.

As I get ready for this trip and have more information, I’ll be sharing these details with whomever reads this. (This means YOU.) You’ll get the low down on my vaccinations, Spanish lessons, and fund raising prospects. (Speaking of which, if I haven’t hit you up for some dinero yet, consider this it. Please help me get there to help others.)

Okay, so I promise not to be so much of a money-needing chump in future posts. But getting the money to get there will be a major part of this. I’ll try to make my posts amusing and entertaining, so you can laugh at my follies.

Honduras, here I come!

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