Apr 20

So, I’ve been (re)learning Spanish in preparation of my trip to Honduras. I took four years of it in H.S., but fell out of it almost immediately after graduation. Besides, it probably doesn’t hurt to know it living in Tejas.

I’m more than half way through the Pimsleur® Spanish I class; and from what I’m learning so far, this trip will either be a hoot or a crash-n-burn failure.


I’ve learned to ask all of the questions, like What [Qué], Where [Donde], Who [Quien], Why [Por Qué], How [Cómo], and How Much [Cu&#0225nto]. But [pero] I don’t necessarily have any answers.

I’ll be able to want [quiero] and have [tengo] things [cosas]. I will buy [compro] and have friends [amigos] pay [paga]. I’ll be drinking beer [cerveza] and cold water [agua fría]; heck, possibly two [dos] or 37 [treintaysiete]. By then, I’m sure I’ll need the bathroom [baño] or possibly the toilet [inodoro]. (Okay, that last one I learned at the local Sears.)

I’ll be able to tell time [tiempo]; and if it’s late [tarde] or early [temprano] and offer the appropriate greetings [buenos días, buenas tarde/noche]. Most of all, I will have been glad to meet you [encantada].

Some may think that this article is too much [demasiado] or that I’ll never understand [no entiendo]. To them I offer this simple phrase:

&#0161Yo Puedo!

As an aside, I applied for my passport today at the local USPS. Yay!

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