Apr 21


Version: 1.1

KER+ Exp+ SPM@ Bam+(+) Steel+ Wood Loom+ Syn+@ Nov+ Cot+ Wool Lux- Stash(++) Scale>+ Fin Ent? Tex+ Felt> Int> Flat++ Circ>+ DPN> Swatch- KIP++ Blog+(+) SNB>+ FO>+ WIP(3) GaugeF-(S)W+B ALTQSw>+ Char+(+) Self>


What is all that hubbub about? Well, as stated, it’s my knitting geek code and it simply sez that I’m still getting my feet wet. We’ve all known for a while now that I’m a geek/nerd. No hiding that fact. I’ve come to accept, even revel in it. So when I can combine my geekiness with a craft of choice – Whoa, Nelly! There’s no stopping me!

For those of you already familiar with the knitter’s geek code, you may have noticed different items. Personally, I didn’t feel that the posted list of qualifiers covered it. (Yeah, you can’t satisfy everyone all the time, right?) Well, instead of calling it a day, I added my additional qualifiers to my code. And you’re more than welcome to include them in yours.

  • Loom = knitting looms, boards, or knitting w/out needles
  • Char = knitting for charity or others (selfless knitting)
  • Self = knitting for yourself (selfish knitting) and no, there’s nothing wrong with this

In other knit-news, I’ve had a major stash reorg. Gone are my 70’s acrylic yarns (thnx anywho, g’ma & ma). I’ve donated a load of yarn that I would never be able to work my way through (and didn’t particularly want to) to the fine ladies of Yarn and Stitches. They will take this to a local women’s prison hospital, where the inmates/patients crochet and donate the finished items. A little good karma for me; a lil’ good karma for them. Heck, we all win!

Best of all… this makes my current stash “manageable” (ha!) and the thought of buying new yarn is less guilt-inducing and more probable after a.. few… more… projects [phew].

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