May 5

Simple Pleasures

Posted by Nanc

… and Hershey® Caramel Kisses! oh, sweet heaven – life is good!

I finally made it to the Woolie Ewe and what glorious site that was! Yarn, yarn and more yarn – all fibers, colors and textures. Yum!

While I was there, I picked up Rowan® Big Wool and Lind 60&reg Tondo to make a felted purse. Some Crystal Palace® Cotton Chenille wanted to come home with me to become the Bloom Flower Washcloth from Weekend Knitting. And I couldn’t resist a ball each of Gedifra® Shakira and GGH® Boboli in similar fern colors. What they’ll become is a surprise.

Also in my basket was a Clover® Bamboo Circs US#15 and Chibi finishing needles. Plus later today, my Bonez got me the Spring/Summer issue of Vogue Knitting International. (Such a sweetie.)

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo AND my birthday month, Bonez and I went out to eat at El Fenix (we hit the geriatric “rush”) and saw ‘Mean Girls’. Yay – mean girls! Yay – the Tina Fey!

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  1. chris Says:

    Glad to see that you didn’t get washed away into the river on your camping trip! The weather was nasty down here, and the news kept showing the weather warnings along the TX/OK border . . . anyway I was thinking of ya!

    Isn’t the Woolie Ewe fabby? I have to make a conscious effort not to go there too often . . . otherwise I would have to just endorse my entire paycheck over to them. They have wonderful customer service, too.

  2. Pamela in Dallas Says:

    Did you see Kathy at the Woolie Ewe? From what I understand, she LIVES there!!! (yes, it’s true, I’m jealous!)

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