May 17


Posted by Nanc

I knitted up these two squares as part of a “comfortghan” for a woman from my charity crafting group. (Click pix for close-ups.)

Even though we’ve never met, there’s a connection with the people that I meet online. We are working together for the same goals and a bond is created at the same time.

Sometimes, it’s a ‘virtual’ friendship with a fellow knitter or blogger, but a friendship none-the-less.

This phenomenon of online social communities has recently come up in conversation at a few different places. (Alyshajane and Loobylu to name two.)

Just think about it.

Both squares were knit with an old ball of Tina of California® Ultra Loft in teal blue. (Personally, I think it’s darker than what could be called “teal”, but I don’t really get a say in this.) Both patterns came from the 2nd Knitting Treasury book.

I don’t particularly care for the lower square; the twist stitch (Heraldic) pattern doesn’t show up very well in this yarn and it’s not as exciting as I had hoped. But I really like the first square. This a pattern called Tilting Latter, but reminds me of hard candies. There’s a bit of cabling that looks like the twisted ends of the wrappers to me. I’d like to find a project that this would be good for. Any ideas?

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  1. Pamelalala Says:

    I think it would be cool to do a pillow in that “Tilting…” pattern. Especially if the pillow form was a lighter or even contrasting color that would show thru the holes of the knitting. Just my 2 cents…(which in this economy is worth about …. zilch?)

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