May 28

My ticket to the world

Posted by Nanc

Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection. ~
Lawrence Durrell

I’ve got my passport and the flights are booked! The Honduras trip is a mere 38 days away. Can you believe it?!

Yeah, I’ve still got tons to do and Spanish to study. I’ve completed the first full Pimsleur class (30 lessons) and I’ve started the next. Hiking boots, mosquito netting, and Deet need to be purchased, and I hope to make some quilts for the villagers.

Click on the passport to see my avatar image. Sweet, huh. Interested in making you’re own image? I was led to the site through Tjej’s blog, which is always an interesting read.

One Response to “My ticket to the world”

  1. Lilyan Says:

    Hey Nancy,Long time no see. I’m in Guatemala, but I made a trip to Hondouras a few weeks ago. Hope you have a great time. Lilyan from Stitch n Bitch