May 29

More PEZ!

Posted by Matty

What? New PEZ you say? Really.

I’ll give you a clue. He used to live in a pineapple under the sea, but now he’s mine, all mine. moo-ha-ha

Spongebob Squarepants is the latest character to grace the hallowed stem. I gotta admit, he’s pretty cute. I’m not a big fan of the show (probably seen it once or twice), but the dispensers are nice.

The design is pretty good, umm… Spongebob himself comes in a couple of varieties: with a tie, and in his underwear.

Nanc picked up most of these at a Target in San Antonio, but then I bought the rest at a Target store here in Dallas.

I feel like I should have more to write about, but I really don’t. The pink character is Patrick and the green character is Sqidward. The End

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