Jun 28
the MediaMVP sittin’ on top of the TV

We’ve been playing with the Media MVP for a few months, and now I’ve finally decided to write about it. What is it? hrm… well, it streams media files (like music, images and video) from your computer to your TV over a home network. How cool is that?

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Jun 24

A girl likes to have pretty things. Even while knitting. That’s why there’s “knitting jewelry” (stitch markers and row markers). A shiny bauble or more to have hanging about even during the most boring, garter-stitch drudgery.

Well, this crafty girl along with her gal pals Pamelalala, Petra and Kathy (see this? if y’all had websites, I could be spiffy and link them here) have gone and made their own.

I’ve made way too many for myself, but am a greedy with my preciouses. (Is it too late to make a Gollum reference?) I’ve made some as gifts and some for the heck of it – ’cause I liked the beads. It’s addicting, I tell ya’. And it’s not like knitting’s not addictive enough, now I’ve got a beading habit to go with my fiber jones.

So here’s a couple of pics o’ knitting eye candy and perhaps a little instruction. I gotta get some knit on… like NOW!

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Jun 17

Avast Ye!

Posted by Nanc

Shiver me Timbers!

Ahoy! With me learnin’ intarsia from Tricot, I’s gots me sea legs about me. I were in need of a ship warming gift for me bucko, Stina. So’s I goes on account and gets me this here chart for the Jolly Roger.

I knitted a dishcloth smartly, an’ no finer a rag thar be! Aye, the poop deck is a bit ravenged from t’ twistin’ yarns, but t’ gunwalls are knit up in a beauty o’ seed stitch.

Now I’ll be takin’ a caulk while me ship’s careened and then I gets me en route again. No need for flashin’ the black spot or threatenin’ of Davy Jones’ locker. Come about, if’n ye dare, and see what oth’r treasures I claim.

Aye, if’n ye be a landlubber, perhaps ye might try your lot here before ye gets hurt. For there’ll be no quarter given to those that swing the lead.

Jun 14


Posted by Nanc

Progress for sure.

Yesterday at Stitch ‘N Bitch, Chris and I knitted on and compared our Tricots. Chris started Tricot on the true tricotalong date: May 1. And you can see the difference! (She’s allowed to taunt me with “My Tricot’s bigger than yours!”)

But I am getting there; slowly/surely. I’ve worked the decreases, increases, and am starting the armhole shaping. And to avoid too much mundanity (yeah- it’s a word), I think I’ll work a sleeve up before I start on the front.

Jun 12


Posted by Nanc

I am going to try to keep a record of my progress on Tricot. Pix, blog entries, the whole shebang. If I work on it; I’ll record it.

Or at least that’s my plan now.

So here we are at the beginning. I’ve swatched and made gauge, and I’ve started knitting up the back. I’m using Lion Brand® Cotton Ease in Blueberry (main color) and Pineapple (the stripes). The needles are simply Susan Bates (aluminum) circs in sizes US #6 and #8.

The pattern only calls for three rows of 2×2 ribbing, but I’d like a little more length, thank you. So I add some more rows to that and have worked the stockinette stitch up to the decreases (and then stopped for the night).

Look for more to come… soon!


Per request of a few, let me define “tricot” and give you a glimpse of what the finished product will (hopefully) look like. tri┬Ěcot n. A plain, warp-knitted cloth of any of various yarns. French, from tricoter, to knit.

The description at MagKnits calls it ‘a sporty jersey-style sweater for the stylish soccer mom’ and the pix can be seen here.

So does that give y’all a better idea of it? And for any lingering questions or curiosity, you can check out the tricotalong site. Enjoy!

Jun 11

Nanc and I recently bought some Cracker Jack © snacks at the grocery. There were four boxes, and they were all pretty tasty.

How did they screw it up? Continue on, gentle reader.

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Jun 9

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything knitting related. I have been knitting though, and getting quite a few Finished Objects (FO). I’ve just been too lazy to take pix or post. But I’m here to take back my knitting blog!

Stand back, world!

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Jun 8

The more the merrier

Posted by Nanc

Last night, Matty and I got a few more fishies for our aquarium. We were looking for fish that will swim in the top and/or upper-middle sections of the tank. They also had to be pretty hardy and not aggressive.

Stop by and see if you can spot the new-comers.

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Jun 4

I miss the music

Posted by Nanc

Okay, to most my next comment is going to seem crazy, but hear me out. (Click on the image ONLY if you want to see the real thing. Wussies, do not click.)

I miss the cicadas.

Back home (Ohio), they’re going through the emergence of the 17-year cicada. We don’t seem to have cicadas in Texas (at least not in Dallas). And I am truly missing this experience.

I have fond memories of cicadas; collecting the shells like great treasures as a toddler (kept in a cigar box for my friend), comically trying to walk/ride a bike/drive through throngs of cicadas, and the amazing site of our backyard after the last cycle of 17-yearers (it looked like an aeration treatment gone awry).

It’s too quiet here in Texas. Sure, we have nasty, huge roach-like things, plenty of June bugs, and other nasty creepy-crawlers. But no singing cicadas. No fireflies, either. Shame ’bout those, too.

So no, I’m not crazy. Just sentimental.