Jun 17

Avast Ye!

Posted by Nanc

Shiver me Timbers!

Ahoy! With me learnin’ intarsia from Tricot, I’s gots me sea legs about me. I were in need of a ship warming gift for me bucko, Stina. So’s I goes on account and gets me this here chart for the Jolly Roger.

I knitted a dishcloth smartly, an’ no finer a rag thar be! Aye, the poop deck is a bit ravenged from t’ twistin’ yarns, but t’ gunwalls are knit up in a beauty o’ seed stitch.

Now I’ll be takin’ a caulk while me ship’s careened and then I gets me en route again. No need for flashin’ the black spot or threatenin’ of Davy Jones’ locker. Come about, if’n ye dare, and see what oth’r treasures I claim.

Aye, if’n ye be a landlubber, perhaps ye might try your lot here before ye gets hurt. For there’ll be no quarter given to those that swing the lead.

3 Responses to “Avast Ye!”

  1. chris Says:

    That is so freakin’ cool!

    You said “poop”
    (heh heh)

  2. Pamelalala Says:

    I know you know this but YOU ROCK!!!

  3. val Says:

    LOVE the Jolly Roger design! As a newbie knitter I’m into doing dishcloths and this is Great! Arghhh!