Aug 11

Lurve me tender, baby

Posted by Nanc

It’s hard to believe that a mere four years ago, Matty and I stood in front of (an) Elvis in Vegas and got married. Yep, Viva Las Vegas indeed!

It’s been great and we’re trying to keep our vows to not step on the other’s blue suede shoes, be together on Christmas so that it’s not blue, and to be each other’s teddy bears. U-huh. [visualize the lip curl]

Now give us a little suga’, baby.

For those that just need to know… No. We are not huge Elvis fans. In fact, I’m not an Elvis fan at all, really. I don’t flinch at his music, but neither do I own any albums/CDs.

Why Elvis then? The fun of it. Oh, and Matty had always ‘dreamed’ about getting married this way. (Okay, ‘dreamed’ might be too strong of a word, but he had a better concept than I did.) And it was a hoot!

The location was right: we were in Vegas for a work meeting (we worked together then). The reaction was right: very few people knew that we were dating, let alone thinking about marriage. He he – our coworker’s expressions were priceless!

Oh, and because we were in love. (And still are, Thank You v. much.) More than that, we really like each other, too. And we are firm believers that to make a relationship work, you should like (and respect) your partner. Love is flighty, but like is solid.

Simply stated, Matt and I “get” each other. AND still like each other. It’s all good.

Thanks, pard’ner.

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  1. Pamelalala Says:

    Congrats you two! May your hunk a burnin’ love continue to stay aflame. Or something cheesey like that.

  2. Chris Says:

    Congratulations! I can’t think of any good elvisrific comments right now (must be the beer), but if I could think of any, I would post them! Here’s to many many more years of happiness together.

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