Aug 15

Yesterday was Crafturday. Crafturday is my favorite day of the week!

What is Crafturday? Well, my child, let me explain. Crafturday is when one gathers with their crafty friends on a Saturday and together they summon the power of the craft. For good, not evil. It’s a CRAFTy satURDAY. CRAFTURDAY!

Want to know more? Only those pure of mind and spirit may continue…

Oh… um. Well it seems that they’ve lifted that restriction. My bad.

The first Crafturday was making beaded stitch markers, needle butts, and miscellany. This Crafturday was spent making unique dress forms with duct tape.

Yep, duct tape.

Following the instructions from here and here, the five of us, Petra, Pamelalala, Kathy, Chris and I, were ready to make some body doubles. First thing you should know if attempting this craft yourselves is that you had better trust, or like, your friends. ‘Cause they’re taping all over your torso. And that means… BOOBS! [he he… boobs!]

Credit goes to my four friends, because it takes some time to get three layers of duct tape fitted around the human torso. They each held their own during this trying time and didn’t freak out during the cutting-out portion.

Note to others: if attempting this yourselves, cut off the t-shirt tag first – it’s difficult to cut through. And since it’s right at the end of the process, your friend inside the tape is pretty antsy to get out of the getup. Capisce?

Time was tight, so we were only able to make the shells of my friends. I hope that once they have their twins bound back up, hung and stuffed that they’ll share. [ooh – sounds freaky] Pics, if not a photo op. Speaking of pics… okay, well there were solemn promises made that what happens in Crafturday, stays in Crafturday. Or some such slogan. All I can say is that it was tons of fun and silliness, good times, and strange chest armor.

Sadly, I did not make a body double of myself. It’s not that I don’t want a mini-nan about, but my coughing jags would’ve made it nigh impossible to tape me up. So next time. I promise.

And because I couldn’t leave you with any visuals, here’s my stash enhancement:

Sweet Tiki, Batman!

We stopped at Yarn Heaven on the way to Petra’s house. I picked up some yarn bras* and, well… you guessed it: yarn. The Berroco Lullaby in Willie Winky (4304) is for a poncho for my niece. The other two mondo skeins are Ironstone Yarns New Wool in grape/teak (10) and what I’m calling ‘hyperlime’ (111). These will be used to make a large felted bag for moi.

And aren’t those awesome tiki lights?!

* A “yarn bra” would normally be a bad thing in TX, but this time I’m referring to the four mesh tubes that keep slipery yarns tangle-free.

3 Responses to “Crafturday 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  2. chris Says:

    Boobs . . . boobs are funny . . .

  3. Kathy Says:

    Hmm… MiniNan. I like that. Will MiniNan have MiniBoobs?