Sep 3


Posted by Nanc

Do you see that? That. The pile of what looks to be brightly colored spaghetti. That is 11 unfriendly rows of my poncho.

There were some incidents with an unhappy stitch marker and one dropped stitch (unrelated to the stitch marker). Eleven rows back, spirally down the path. Usually I don’t have major issues with frogging an item, but when it’s knit the round (circular needles) it seems to be a bit more of a hassle.

So I ripped. And now it’s time to begin knitting again. In fact, apparently I’m passed due. There are a couple of folks that have started ponchos after me and have completed them. I guess I’m a slow poke knitter.

One Response to “Rrrrip!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ohhh, wah! That just bites . . . I know what you mean about frogging things in the round, too — that’s why my sweater sampler thingy bit the dust on the first go-round.

    Well, if it’s any consolation, I haven’t even started my Katieponcho yet.