Sep 4

First Class

Posted by Nanc

Haven’t you always wanted to be “hand-cancelled”? Did you ever think why that hadn’t gotten around to putting YOU on a stamp yet? (They shouldn’t have to wait till you’re dead to realize your brilliance, do they? I mean, you amaze yourself all the time.)

Well wait no more. You can realize your importance right now and share it with others! Put yourself on a stamp. PhotoStamps will take (nearly) any photo image and make them into real stamps. That the post office will really use. Amazing, no?

This is an awesome site and idea. What a great way to personalize your holiday cards, party announcements, and what not. This beats the pants off of those customized address labels any day! And they’d make great gifts for family and friends.

The ideas are limitless. (Well, okay. There is a limit. But not the point.) Hmmm – it could almost be like trading cards. Collect cancelled postage of your friends, or your friends’ pets. Oh, the joy.

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