Sep 11

Stash Redistribution

Posted by Nanc

Amazing stories of fiber glory!

Tales of actual labor!

And a cat that’s well enough to hate you and your blog reading ways!

Unfortunately, it was not my yarn stash that felt the lightening of the load. Rather, I was one of the receptors of stash. Gal-pal Pamelalala was having a Going Out of Her Mind! sale and the prices were so low she “has to be crazy-crazy-crazy.” [echo sound bite]

So, much of her larder came home with me. Chris and Petra also made out like bandits with the yarn and pattern goodness. Thank you, Pamelalala, for absorbing my first day of work’s paycheck in a fabulous way. (No, Matty doesn’t feel quite the same way.)

There’s no way that I can, with any conscience, show a pic of all my bounty. It would just be sickening. So, little by little, I will disclose a bit of what I reaped as time goes by. (And hopefully relating to a current project, cause otherwise – why in the heck did I buy all this stuff?) So be patient with me.

What’s that, a “job”? A real, paid-in-money kind of 9-to-5 thing? Yep, the Nanc is employed. (A temp job, so no joyous chorus of cherubs quite yet.) It was good to work again, despite traffic, florescent lighting and too much A/C. Mamma’s bringing home the (turkey) bacon, baby!

All Mrs. Slokombe has to say about that is “About time you move your feet from my PC-warmed spot. Go on! Get! [grumble, grumble.. humans]”

And just in case you didn’t know: yeah, she hates* you, too.

* Our sweet kitten, Mrs. Slokombe, is filled with hate for everyone. It’s just her nature. Sure, she loves it when you pet her and she gets to lay on CW. But she hates you for controlling this pleasure. She always hates. There are levels of hate, disgust, and consumed rage that we’ve learned to detect by just a glance. Go ahead and call her cute, just let me step out of her glare first.

2 Responses to “Stash Redistribution”

  1. Petra Says:

    Man! She even has a mean look on her face! At least you know what your getting. Mine has a sweet “awww, don’t you wanna pet me?” look, then when you DO pet her, she bites the sh*t out of you! But, only sometimes… deceiving little brat.

  2. Rachy Says:

    You know, dogs don’t hate. Dogs just love you and love you and love you. I like dogs.