Sep 27

Jackson & Jimmie

Posted by Nanc

It’s been a busy camp ’round these parts, but worth every bit. This past weekend, we decided that Jimmie (that’s the Civic Hybrid’s name… for now) needed to stretch his legs, or tires (or whatever would be relative to the car’s anatomy). And since we’ve had a visit to another new boy on our To-Do list, it just seemed perfect to do them together.

A few hours later and we were visiting with this handsome, young man. (Okay, so this really isn’t the best pic of baby Jackson, but it makes me laugh.) JT was one day away from 3 months and is already a big boy. He laughs and smiles and is an all over awesome tyke. We like Jackson. And his folks are purty kewl, too.

Now we’re just waiting for Ramona and it’ll be a grand ol’ time!

One Response to “Jackson & Jimmie”

  1. Cousin AnnMarie Says:

    As Jackson’s mommy, I would agree that the photo is definately not the best photo of my precious boy. 😛 I would also agree that he is an adorable tyke. (i’m not prejudiced at all) All here were very happy for your visit. I think if we take one more person to Korean BBQ, we get a toaster…or whatever the equivalent of toaster is in Korea
    AnnMarie & Baby Jackson