Oct 23

A new attitude

Posted by Nanc

If you happen to see me about and I’m dancing around, mouthing words, and acting pretty loony, don’t call out the men in the while coats. Nope, I’m probably just listening to my new iPod. Yep. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I fell head first into the masses of consumer humanity. And it only hurt a little.

And I fully admit that I didn’t not perform hours of research or comparisons. I didn’t search the interweb(s) for the best price or deal. Mainly, I like the sexiness of the iPods. That’s pretty much it. Of course, Matty has done his research and knows that it really is one of the better mp3 players out there. The quality, interface, and usability put it in the tops. Today, the price was right and this girl needed a little bling.

Of course, the painful part wasn’t paying for it, like some might assume, but getting the friggin’ dorks at Comp[insert country acronym here] to help me. Hell, they didn’t even need to *help* me, so much as just grab a box out of their lockup behind the counter. Oh, I was patient and kind for about 10 minutes (of just standing there… pointedly waiting… directly in front of the case – huff!). And no, they weren’t busy.

Without ruining the rest of the story (or getting me all ticked off again, lets just say that I got my toy and we were outta’ there. No thanks to them. [grumble, grumble] I got the new 20GB iPod. Although the minis are too cute, they’re kind of small (4GB); and the 40GB was a bit too big.

My first ditty uploaded to my friend, the iPod? Why the Indigo Girls first album, of course. Because C. and I will be seeing them in concert on Monday! Yippie! (Second set was ABBA Gold Greatest Hits, cause there’s no telling for taste in music.)

Oct 23

Priority Postage

Posted by Nanc

To me, a project really isn’t done until the recipient gets the item. Or that it’s in the post, at least. And that’s were niece #1 poncho is… in the mail. (no, really.)

This poncho had been lingering around here for a while, just waiting for me to tidy up the last bits & details. So with some encouragement from said niece, it was blocked, a flower pin was made (thnx, A.), and out into the post it went. Yay!

I really like how it turned out, and I hope she will too. (It’s the Very Harlot Poncho, which was a joy to work on. Thnx, Stephanie.) I’ve requested a pic of niece wearing it, but I won’t hold my breath. (It’s a family trait to procrastinate, and my bro for all his talk is just the same.)

The flower pin turned out real well. My buddy A. crocheted it up in a flash, and then added the button form in no time. I sewed a pin fastener to the back and – voila. She can wear it with the pin, without, or add the pin to another outfit. Click here
for a close-up of the flower (since it blends in so well).

Oh, if you’re wondering ’bout those bones and the skeleton in the pix? No worries, that’s just Bucky (who happens to be wearing my HalloWig at the time). No, that’s not who I refer to when I talk about Bonez, tho – that would be Matty Bonez. Hubby extraordinaire.

Oct 20

I’ve commented on the yumminess of yarns before and perhaps mentioned a tasty new pattern, but I never would’ve expected this!

Thanks to Pamelalala for snappin’ the pic at the TX State Fair. What an imagination! What an awesome project! What the heck do ya’ do with it now?!!!

But I’ll use it as a lead off for my knits in review. Yeah, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger and haven’t posted pix as they’ve happened. Yeah, I’m lame. But you’re still reading… right? Hello? anyone???

A bit ago, I made some novelty yarn scarves (despite some opinions) that were fun. The yarns are fun. The knits and patterns are entertaining. Plus they’re typically quick and get a good reaction from non-knitters that receive them as gifts. Good enough for me.

Here are three of said scarves waiting to be gifted. Starting from the left, this is a simple, garter stitch scarf using 2 balls of Patons Twister. Inexpensive yarn; easy knit; good for kids. Next, is a beautiful scarf made with Artful Yarns Portrait yarn in browns and blacks. The pattern came with the yarn and I really wish I could find it again. It was an easy “lace” pattern that I think turned out v. well. This yarn was luscious to work with, no matter those little hairy bits. And finally, a drop-stitch scarf using Berroco’s Zen and Plume yarns. A closer look of these fine scarves can be found here.

And finally, my sweets. New yarn (purchased a while ago, but it’s new until it’s knit up IMHO) for the niece #2 poncho. The plan (but not a pattern yet) is to knit two rectangles the long way, bleeding the lighter and darker yarns into the main color and then edging with the furry bits. Sound good? Swell.

And the framed “art” in this pic? Well, my sweetie-pie Bonez saw this bit of needlepoint at the thrift and thought I should have it. It needs to be washed and cleaned a bit, but it makes me smile. Which, really, is all that counts. Right?

Oct 18

Weekend Review

Posted by Nanc

How long can one go before posting an update about the weekend? I don’t think I’ll be able to figure it out because I’m caving. Fun stuff happened this past weekend and I wanna tell y’all about it. So read on, my friends. Read on.

First, let me point out that while I had to wake up early (5:30am on a Saturday, none-the-less!) to participate in the Race for the Cure with my buddies, Matt was representing the sleep-in crowd. In this foto, Dil is assisting by making sure he doesn’t get up and ruin their effort.

But us girls had fun at the race, and then more fun afterwards. A small contingency from Dallas SnB walked the 5K for the cure. There were good crowds there, and I received many a comment about my HalloWig.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? [I innocently query] I finished my HalloWig and wore in during the race. Here’s a pic of it blocking (to get that bit o’ curl to stay – yes, starch was involved). I added a small black bow on one side, which is quite cute if I say so myself. Of course, I don’t have a pic of the bow or me walking. Sorry – assumptions were not met. So now I’m an ass, I guess. (Ooh, but so are “u”. he he he)

Anywho… after the race, Chris and I picked up Angi and went to the Ewe. (Let’s just say this is where the previous “I’m a ‘FJM'” article came from.) Much fiber happiness occurred there. [pix soon to come, Pamelalala] Then we ate our well-earned free burritos from Chipotle (race participant giveaway). Yum.

And just to amuse you… my hair was SO completely messed up after wearing the wig during the race (constant readjustments because I didn’t pin it in place), that I had to continue wearing the wig most of the day. Yep, in the Ewe. Yep, while ordering and eating my yummy burrito. Yep, driving around the greater DFW area. So if you saw an odd girl wearing a bright pink wig this past weekend, no – I didn’t loose a bet. It was just silly ol’ me.

Oct 17

I’m an ‘FJM’.

Posted by Nanc

That is, a Fiber Junkie Monkey. I have a problem. I like my ‘problem’ and am not looking to kill this addiction just yet, but it seems to be a problem none-the-less. (Don’t ask Bonez his opinion, tho.)

I like fiber [read: yarn]. Lots and lots o’ yarn. And patterns. And needles. I fool myself thinking that I’ll just pick up some yarn for this one little project. Then, as I browse through the store touching and squeezing (‘cuz that’s what ya’ gotta do in a yarn store), I seem to be in a fiber induced zombie state. I get to the register and POW! I’m forced back into reality by handing over my monies for a big pile o’ yarn. Wha-wha-what? How did this happen? Where did all this yarn come from?

Okay, so maybe not so much. I’m conscience and aware of what I’m doing the whole time. I bargain and argue with my inner accountant and task master about how these skeins would make a great [insert hand-knitted item] for [insert name of friend, family member, or body part]. I plead with them, trying to use the ├╝ber softness or awesomeness of the yarn to my advantage. Skeins are put in the basket; skeins are taken out. There’s a bit of compromising that goes on, but for the most part I get my way. And no, I’m not crazy – it just sounds that way.

So that’s my confession of being a Fiber Junkie. How’s the ‘monkey’ part come in? Well, adding “monkey” to most anything makes it funny and good. Silly, monkeys.

Oct 5


Posted by Nanc

Okay, so not THE debates. Just my debating over what my next knitting project will be. And there’s a lot to decide between.

But instead of boring you with all the details, I’ll give you quick satisfaction instead and tell you the outcome. (No. There’s no voting.) I’m working on my HalloWig from the fall Knitty. It’s fun, it’s frivolous, and it’s for me.

I swatched it after dinner and while preparing for the VP debate. My swatch seemed to make gauge okay, so rip-rip-rip back to the yarn pile and I cast on for my wig. Notice my drink in the pic: pink Kool-Aid (strawberry-kiwi) to match my knittin’.

I’m using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Bubblegum and knitting on my Denise US# 8 needles. During the debate, I was able to work on the start of it and I’m happy with my progress. But I could only take so much debate and so much 2×2 ribbing before I had to get up and do something else. Yeah, see how I’ve even switched to water – it was just too much.

This might become my lunchtime/work knitting project for a bit. Well, at least through this week. And no, I haven’t forgotten about my knitting pile of wanna-be’s and need-to-do’s, and neither should you. For those of you that care, there’s more to read.

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Oct 2

Mass KIPing

Posted by Nanc

Today was Knit Out and Crochet, Too in DFW. There was a good crowd, although many SnBers were missing. It was at a HUGE Half Price Books store. I lurve this store. More books than I could shake a knitting needle at.

I had a great time, socialized, laughed, and got some knitting done. The niece #1 poncho, in fact. (no pix yet) But after that one success, my luck/”talent”/skills crashed a bit and there was a lot of nothing. Try and start a little something over here… nope. Rip, rip, rip. Give this other new project a whirl? No way! Rip, rip, rip. I think I may have fell into the frog pond face first.

What could possibly keep my spirits up while firmly ensconced on that lilypad? Free yarn.

And it doesn’t take much, at that. My name was pulled from a hat, and I got to pick a prize from the table. (I wasn’t first, nor was I last. Oh, and before you think me lucky – everyone got a prize by the end of the day.) Without much studying or research, I grabbed me up a curious lil’ bag with three skeins of dark yarn and some circular needles. Turns out that it was Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in black (yum), Susan Bates US# 8 circs, and the pattern for the Ocean Waves Scarf. Perfect antidote for new knitting and a great change from girly scarves and ponchos.

For non-knitters’ reference, ‘KIP’ is Knitting In Public. Thank you for reading this far.