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Okay, so not THE debates. Just my debating over what my next knitting project will be. And there’s a lot to decide between.

But instead of boring you with all the details, I’ll give you quick satisfaction instead and tell you the outcome. (No. There’s no voting.) I’m working on my HalloWig from the fall Knitty. It’s fun, it’s frivolous, and it’s for me.

I swatched it after dinner and while preparing for the VP debate. My swatch seemed to make gauge okay, so rip-rip-rip back to the yarn pile and I cast on for my wig. Notice my drink in the pic: pink Kool-Aid (strawberry-kiwi) to match my knittin’.

I’m using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Bubblegum and knitting on my Denise US# 8 needles. During the debate, I was able to work on the start of it and I’m happy with my progress. But I could only take so much debate and so much 2×2 ribbing before I had to get up and do something else. Yeah, see how I’ve even switched to water – it was just too much.

This might become my lunchtime/work knitting project for a bit. Well, at least through this week. And no, I haven’t forgotten about my knitting pile of wanna-be’s and need-to-do’s, and neither should you. For those of you that care, there’s more to read.

Here’s the quick and skinny on my knittin’ plate and what I’m looking to start next. There is no particular order, except that my more shameful bits are at the bottom of the list. [sigh] So let’s start:

There’s the new yarn and scarf pattern that I got at the Knit Out. The pattern looked intriguing and challenging (which can be fun during low stress times); perfect for a giftie for my Pops. But I kept trying to work rows of that scarf and I just wasn’t having any of it. I’m sure it looks great when done right or (more likely) in a lighter color of yarn. The dark yarn just looked sloppy.

So, now I’m trying to find a pattern that I will like. I was searching in the cables section of my 2000+ knitting patterns book, but I wasn’t coming up with much. I tried one cable pattern, but the stitch definition was again lost to the dark yarn. [Grrrrrr] So… moving on.

I’ve purchased the yarn for my niece #2 poncho, but haven’t quite figured out the pattern. Okay – let me rephrase that: I haven’t looked much for the right pattern. The thought of searching through all those poncho patterns makes me a little queasy. So that’s on hold, until…?

Speaking of ponchos… oh, yeah. Niece #1 poncho. Hmmm, ’bout that.

The poncho is DONE! Yes, it still needs to be blocked, but that’s not really a knitting project, ya’ see. But I do want to make a flower pin from the fringe yarn. I’ve only found crochet patterns so far and, um – I no crochet. There are felted flowers, but I’m afraid to report that the Baby Ull I used for fringe is washable wool (read: doesn’t felt). Perhaps I’ll be relying on my buddy Ang for this. (Ang crochets and knits, that crazy broad.)

[Phew – we’re about half way through. Take a short break and a few deep breaths. Ready? OK]

A quick knit that I know I can get done and off the list is a second wrist band for the Race for the Cure. I made the one, now I’m looking to make another using a different pattern. I’m thinking a cable twisting two colors of pink. But again, this will require some bit of research on a good and small cable pattern. True, not much research – but research still. I’ve still got another week and a half before this is needed. Besides, this might be a good knit to bring to SnB on Sunday. (See, now I’ll look clever!)

Okay, we’re starting to get into the dirty, little back room of my knitting. I’ve got a few things that have been sitting on needles since, well a long time. There are two (count ’em, 2!) felted purses that I’m trying to make. (Actually, three, but lets not get technical.) I’ve knitted one about half a dozen times and it’s just not where I want it to be. I’m afraid that it’ll be a trip to the frog pond and a rematch after we dry off. But when it’s done – look out, mamasitas!

And not *technically* on the needles, is a pink tank top. I finished the front and just haven’t picked up for the back. I’m using Lion Brand Microspun in a hot, hot pink. The drape is nice and I think I’ll like it once it has a back to it. I’ve even done the unthinkable: I’ve started using up the “spare” skeins of this yarn (since I bought extra) for other projects. Projects that are done and history. What a [insert disparaging noun here].

And my last, most hideous knitting secret (besides the ever-growing stash?) – Tricot. Tri.. wha’? Oh, dear. Don’t you remember Tricot? There was this whole ‘A-Long’ and everything. Chris knit hers and you admired it. Petra was even involved (although what happened to it is her own dirty secret). Come on, you remember Tricot. Bright yellow stripes on the bluest-blue base? Knit in cotton, so it wouldn’t be too terribly hot for Texas. Well, anywho, Tricot has been blocked and then left to collect dust. She just needs to be seamed up and the zipper put in. But, OH how that seaming bores me and that zipper scares me. (For Halloween I should be a zipper in a pink HalloWig.)

So that’s the last of my WIPs. Yay – you survived! Got your adrenaline pumping though, huh? Now that survived this post, are you ready for my wanna-be WIPs and holiday gift list?!!!

Wait. Where are you going? But I thought we had a good time. Call me, won’t you?

3 Responses to “Debates”

  1. chris Says:

    Oooh, I’d forgotten about the pink tank . . . see what happens when you get to be my age?!

    Hey, what do you think about wearing not only pink wristbands, but also pink hallowigs for the Race for the Cure?! Might be kinda fun . . .

  2. Petra Says:

    You RATTED me OUT man! Funny topic… really funny since Pam and I made a list the other day of the “to finish” projects. She had like 3… I had 7. AND, I had forgotten Tricot! CRAPOLA! That makes 8! So why did I start another project? The truth is… I have KADD. Support group coming soon.

  3. Pamelalala Says:

    why would I want to get a blog, if I don’t ever have to update it?

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