Oct 20

I’ve commented on the yumminess of yarns before and perhaps mentioned a tasty new pattern, but I never would’ve expected this!

Thanks to Pamelalala for snappin’ the pic at the TX State Fair. What an imagination! What an awesome project! What the heck do ya’ do with it now?!!!

But I’ll use it as a lead off for my knits in review. Yeah, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger and haven’t posted pix as they’ve happened. Yeah, I’m lame. But you’re still reading… right? Hello? anyone???

A bit ago, I made some novelty yarn scarves (despite some opinions) that were fun. The yarns are fun. The knits and patterns are entertaining. Plus they’re typically quick and get a good reaction from non-knitters that receive them as gifts. Good enough for me.

Here are three of said scarves waiting to be gifted. Starting from the left, this is a simple, garter stitch scarf using 2 balls of Patons Twister. Inexpensive yarn; easy knit; good for kids. Next, is a beautiful scarf made with Artful Yarns Portrait yarn in browns and blacks. The pattern came with the yarn and I really wish I could find it again. It was an easy “lace” pattern that I think turned out v. well. This yarn was luscious to work with, no matter those little hairy bits. And finally, a drop-stitch scarf using Berroco’s Zen and Plume yarns. A closer look of these fine scarves can be found here.

And finally, my sweets. New yarn (purchased a while ago, but it’s new until it’s knit up IMHO) for the niece #2 poncho. The plan (but not a pattern yet) is to knit two rectangles the long way, bleeding the lighter and darker yarns into the main color and then edging with the furry bits. Sound good? Swell.

And the framed “art” in this pic? Well, my sweetie-pie Bonez saw this bit of needlepoint at the thrift and thought I should have it. It needs to be washed and cleaned a bit, but it makes me smile. Which, really, is all that counts. Right?

4 Responses to “Yarn… Mmmmmmm [drool, drool]”

  1. Petra Says:

    AWWW! I LOVE the little mouse “sitting and knitting”. Your hubby is FABOO!!! (Nice fiber too, don’t think I saw all that last night. HEE!)

  2. Pamelalala Says:

    Yeah scarves! Yeah new yarn! Yeah Bonez! Gee, I feel just like a cheerleader..now, where did I put those pom-poms….

  3. Matty Bonez Says:

    Please let this comment show that I **finally** was able to sit down and read your articles! Yay!


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