Oct 23

A new attitude

Posted by Nanc

If you happen to see me about and I’m dancing around, mouthing words, and acting pretty loony, don’t call out the men in the while coats. Nope, I’m probably just listening to my new iPod. Yep. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I fell head first into the masses of consumer humanity. And it only hurt a little.

And I fully admit that I didn’t not perform hours of research or comparisons. I didn’t search the interweb(s) for the best price or deal. Mainly, I like the sexiness of the iPods. That’s pretty much it. Of course, Matty has done his research and knows that it really is one of the better mp3 players out there. The quality, interface, and usability put it in the tops. Today, the price was right and this girl needed a little bling.

Of course, the painful part wasn’t paying for it, like some might assume, but getting the friggin’ dorks at Comp[insert country acronym here] to help me. Hell, they didn’t even need to *help* me, so much as just grab a box out of their lockup behind the counter. Oh, I was patient and kind for about 10 minutes (of just standing there… pointedly waiting… directly in front of the case – huff!). And no, they weren’t busy.

Without ruining the rest of the story (or getting me all ticked off again, lets just say that I got my toy and we were outta’ there. No thanks to them. [grumble, grumble] I got the new 20GB iPod. Although the minis are too cute, they’re kind of small (4GB); and the 40GB was a bit too big.

My first ditty uploaded to my friend, the iPod? Why the Indigo Girls first album, of course. Because C. and I will be seeing them in concert on Monday! Yippie! (Second set was ABBA Gold Greatest Hits, cause there’s no telling for taste in music.)

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  1. Chris Says:

    Awwww, you shoulda gone to the Apple Store! They are verrrry helpful there. Almost to the point where you have to shoo them away . . . I think at Comp[…] they are all afraid to venture back to the Mac section anyway (I’ve had the same type of experience)

  2. Pamelalala Says:

    I AM SO FRIGGIN’ JEALOUS!!!!! I want one!!!!

  3. Lara Says:

    Awww, I own that album, Abba rocks! Anywhoo, I figured
    I’d check out your nifty site (it is very nifty) and congratulate you on your new friend:)

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