Oct 23

Priority Postage

Posted by Nanc

To me, a project really isn’t done until the recipient gets the item. Or that it’s in the post, at least. And that’s were niece #1 poncho is… in the mail. (no, really.)

This poncho had been lingering around here for a while, just waiting for me to tidy up the last bits & details. So with some encouragement from said niece, it was blocked, a flower pin was made (thnx, A.), and out into the post it went. Yay!

I really like how it turned out, and I hope she will too. (It’s the Very Harlot Poncho, which was a joy to work on. Thnx, Stephanie.) I’ve requested a pic of niece wearing it, but I won’t hold my breath. (It’s a family trait to procrastinate, and my bro for all his talk is just the same.)

The flower pin turned out real well. My buddy A. crocheted it up in a flash, and then added the button form in no time. I sewed a pin fastener to the back and – voila. She can wear it with the pin, without, or add the pin to another outfit. Click here
for a close-up of the flower (since it blends in so well).

Oh, if you’re wondering ’bout those bones and the skeleton in the pix? No worries, that’s just Bucky (who happens to be wearing my HalloWig at the time). No, that’s not who I refer to when I talk about Bonez, tho – that would be Matty Bonez. Hubby extraordinaire.

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