Nov 3

It’s an Amish thing

Posted by Nanc

A bit belated, but worth it! Apparently some Amish do use electricity and computer to surf the ‘net for… ? Cow teat balm? Barn raising ideas? Beard grooming tools on eBay?

Matt’s ease into the Amish style and look is a bit too spooky to me, but that’s Halloween. (He he – “Amish style” he he he.)

2 Responses to “It’s an Amish thing”

  1. Rachy Says:

    words can not express the awesomeness…me, speechless

  2. Lara Says:

    Awesome costume!
    I used to live in the NE and near the Amish and Mennonites. I was scared of them when I was a kid. Even scarier was when met a Mennonite lady while visiting my Grams a few years ago – she pulled up her skirt (not as bad as it sounds) to reveal a hot pink underslip. I think she was trying to point out that they only have to look so plain in public. Either that or she just like flashing random people.

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