Dec 3

Not completely greenie

Posted by Nanc

I finished by beanie cap. You know, that lurvly Silk Garden cap that I was ranting and raving about just a post or two ago. The green one. Well, guess what? It’s not all green!

Oh, I knew that it wasn’t going to stay all green. I saw the other colors and I even mentioned them in the other post. But what a shocking change from the greens that were happening. And how I lurve it! The hat fits snug and good on my noggin, and it’s yummy-warm. The colors are great and it was fun to knit up.

So it’s a FO. Yay! The pic here is the “extra” yarn that was left over from the skein. More than I was expecting, but don’t worry – I know how to use it all up.

But I couldn’t stop there, could I? (A knitter is never truly done knitting.) I’ve started some more project(s) and learned some new tricks/tips. I’m evolving into a right, fine knitter. yup.

So I’ve showed y’all my stash (never mind that it has since grown due to my apparent inability to say ‘no’ to yarn). Now I’m gonna reveal shame to all you nice folks and tell you ’bout my WIPs and WWIPs.

Why is it necessary for me to share my shame with the bit of public that visits ché Toys? Because I can and you’re still reading. (You are still reading this, right?) So here goes, a list of projects currently on needles:

  1. Voodoo wrist warmers – the first done (but not sewn up);the second is not even started. Do you like my wintery-image mouse pad? That’s a pic from around the block this past Valentine’s Day when Dallas got hit with inches of snow! My sweet Matty made me a commemorative mouse pad.

  2. My First Sock – Sockotta yarn in orange, gray, and cream (comes out speckled, not striped) on US #2 dpns. I started this during our Thanksgiving trip to MN to see baby Benny and his parents. I have just a little over 3″ done.

  3. Matty’s monkey scarf – another project started during the MN trip, this one during the 1000 mile car drive going there. (Um, I was a passenger at the time of knitting.) No, it’s not made to look like a monkey, but instead the brown & white threads look similar to sock monkey fabric. In the end, he will have a matching monkey sweater and possibly monkey socks and a monkey hat. Go figure. (I like saying “monkey”.)
  4. Nephew sweater – a red cardigan sweater with cables running down the sides. For a nephew. ’nuff sed.
  5. secret #1 – nope, nothing to read here. Move on.
  6. Tricot – For the love of wool, woman! When am I gonna seam this biatch up?

Phew – that’s a list, huh? And I think I forgot to list some items – oops. There are also a handful of items that I would *like* to get done for holiday gifts, but am not pushing it. No use, anywho.

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