Dec 3

Ohh – the Bounty!

Posted by Nanc

Oh how the lords of plenty rained down upon us knitters last night. It was a beautiful thing to witness (and even better, ’cause I was part of it). The baubles! The fibers! The laughter and joy! I could just weep from the goodness of it all.

Last night, some rogue knitters (hi gals) I know had the first of two season secret-stealth pal (SSSP) exchanges. Does this even need explanation? Everyone’s familiar with secret pal’s right? (The recipient doesn’t know who her gift-giver is.) We all snuck into the cafe carrying ambiguous brown grocery bags, secretly labeled with our pal’s name. And then the fun started.

The bags were handed out to their intended parties (thanks, Sophie!) and everybody dug right in! Ahh, the sweet aroma mix of candles, soap, and body products! All the oohing and wowing, sharing and showing off that carried around the table. I can’t even imagine what the other patrons or staff thought. (And who cares – I got kewl stuff!)

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