Dec 4

Benny-boy & snow

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So I’m happy

Matty and I did this last holiday, Thanksgiving, up well. Although we missed our traditional turkey-day family trip, I think that we more than made up for it. We road-tripped up north to visit Rachel, Jason, and (of course) baby Benny. (And don’t forget Scout & Rossi-roo, too!)

We had a great, if not too short, visit, and did the requisite eat-until-you-can’t-budge meal. What may be surprising to some of you is that those places up north… well, they’re cold.

Oh, sure, sure. It’s been nippy down in the big D lately. Frost an’ all. But in MN, we got snow. In the foto, jimmi is covered. (His first snowfall!)

It was also Benny’s first snowfall. It’s a good thing that his auntie had knit him some sweaters to wear! Yup, proud me knit that blue sweater (with football buttons), hat, and matching booties.

What? Does that sweater look familiar? Huh… oh – that may be because it was knit way back here for my friend’s twin boys. They had out grown them before I was done knitting ’em. And then they were indented for Jackson, but he was too big and the weather was too warm. So guess what sweet lil’ boy lucks out?!

And yes, the original deal was for two sweaters, and two there are! I changed out the buttons (R & J aren’t really into sports, so the baseballs had to go) and put on some Peter Rabbit buttons. You might recognize this sweater from here!

The knitting probably bored Mr. Bonez to tears, but he sure joined in on the baby lovin’. Are they some cute boyz?

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  1. Pamelalala Says:

    Yeah Cute Boys!!!

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