Jan 2

Home New Home

Posted by Nanc

So. Um,… we moved.

Yeah, well, Matty and I are bad people. You see, we moved mid-November and haven’t really passed the news on to many people. Oh, sure. We told our folks and siblings… well, most of them I think. And the USPS is forwarding our mail, so we got all those loverly cards. Thanks.

It’s just that we’ve been so darn busy. Yeah, yeah – I know that you’ve heard this excuse up and down the block, but really. We learned an important lesson this year. If at all possible, don’t move from Oct through Jan. It’s just too much.

So without further ado, I give you a pic of our new abode. This was taken on Dec. 22, just before we took a cab to Union Station to catch our train. (Yes, it was snowing in Dallas.) House living is so different from apartment living, in really small yet pleasing ways.

The new Casa de Collins is a three bedroom home, so that means y’all can visit. We’ll have a guest bedroom which may offer a bit more privacy than, say, at our old loft. And a second bathroom, which will come in handy. When not occupied with friends and family, the two “spare” bedrooms are used as the computer/PEZ/music room and sewing/knitting/crafting/guest room.

There’s a bit of lawn (both in front and in back) and I’ve honestly have enjoyed mowing. (This may change in the heat of summer, but for now – giddy up!) Perhaps a garden this summer, heh?

The cats seem to enjoy the space. If Marie wants alone time, which she always does, easy – she can go and hide out in a quiet place. Mrs. Slocomb can chase Dil all about the house, and Dil can happily thwack her into submission. Ah, the joy of three cats that all despise the others.

Even the fish have moved to a bigger place… Matt and I decided that instead of emptying, moving, and setting up our 29 gallon tank all in a few hours, that we’d get a larger/better 50 gallon tank and set that up prior to our move. The fish cam is up and operational, the new hours being noon – 10pm (ish). So check them out. And I have to admit pride in how well the aquarium landscaping project went. Giant head and all!

And the fish tank seems to be the only thing unpacked and set. Yes, we are still living out of boxes, and trying to find places for it all. So we’re not out of the “busy woods” yet. Get used to it.

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  1. Lara Says:

    You moved? How come you never told me you moved? What am I, chopped liver? 😛
    Good to see pics of your new home (finally)…counting the days til we all get to see it up close and possibly sloshed:)

  2. Pamelalala Says:


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