Jan 24

Sunny and freezing

Posted by Nanc

What’s up with the weather? One minute its warm and 70’s, and the next it’s below freezing at night. I don’t know which to wear: warm cozy hat & mittens or flip-flops.

Okay, so the hat and mittens aren’t for me. And no, they’re not for C3PO either. (I apologize for appropriating C3PO as my model, but really – he doesn’t mind a bit.) The Big Red hat is a Skittermagoo pattern and knit from Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft. The Big Red mittens are modified from a Rowan pattern (I’m writing the notes up on these, and still want to make a few additional modifications). And yes, that’s an idiot cord connecting them!

This set (including a possible quickie scarf) is for my SIL, Rachel. They’re part of her Xmas pressies. Oh sure, could she ever use them now! But she’ll have to satisfy herself with looking at them on our blog until the rest of the stuff is done. (Sorry sissy.) There’s a similar/different Big Red hat version for my other SIL, Lisa, which should be shipped soon.

The fancy, frou-frou flip-flops? Oh, they’re mine. I picked up some plain ol’ boring flip-flops from the store for the girls, and everyone brought some of their novelty yarn stash to share. A quick print of the pattern in a crocheted version and a knit version, and we’re in business. What a fun project for my gal-pals, although only Angi got hers done AT the Slumber Party.

Dil, however, did not seem to care much for them. In fact, it put her off the catnip egg roll a bit. Nothing but nothing is moving her from those sun rays tho!

3 Responses to “Sunny and freezing”

  1. chris Says:

    Oooo, may I use your super-cool C3PO picture when I finally get the pattern written up and submitted to Knitty?

  2. Lara Says:

    When you’re not home, Dil beats Marie over the head with that egg roll before trying to espcape thru the hole in the Pez room screen. They told me this at the party. “Mmew, meow, meowwwwwww!” they said. Course, it coulda been the vodka talkin’, or maybe just my paranoia.

  3. Rachel Says:

    “Ohhhh…I am lucky,” I think as I eagerly await my hat and mittens.

    You know if you were a 15 year old, painfully thin girl in Minnesota, you would wear those flip-flops along with your hat and mittens, and perhaps even legwarmers. At the risk of sounding old, if it is cold enough to wear a hat, I think you should pack the flip-flops away you little harpies.

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