Jan 27


Why it’s a swift!

Yeah, all that for one silly little joke. Some days it just can’t be helped.

My swift I purchased from J*ann.com arrived today via the friendly USPS. (Hey, has anyone seen the previews for the next Project Runway episode? Mmmm, uniforms. Anywho.) So now I’m all set up with the swift and ball winder. Of course, if I could only get someone else to KNIT, I’d be set.

I am v. excited about my swift, which shall be named Speedy (unless he proves otherwise). But it’s a gloomy-gus day outside, so my image for you was procured from the J’s website. Perhaps I’ll have action pix for you later. If you’re good.

One Response to “Hmmm… it’s quick and speedy. Whatever shall we call it?”

  1. Aubyn Says:

    Congratulations on the addition to your family – And I am very excited about the next project runway

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