Mar 2


Posted by Nanc

Hey Skitter … Happy Birthday, grrl!

Let me be the first (no matter what time you read this, it’s early – don’t ask) to wish you the best this year. May happiness find you this year.

I won’t divulge the age of Mme. Skittermagoo, but I will tell you that she’s full of childish vim and vigor. (What that means exactly, I don’t know. But she’s great fun to hang out with.) I will tell you that since meeting C., I believe that I have found my fraternal, non-familial twin. Or sister, none-the-least. We share v. similar tastes in music, movies, men. (Really, it’s kind of weird how similar B. and Bonez are.)

So miss thang, have yourself a great, fun time today. If not for yourself, then for me.

5 Responses to “Happy”

  1. chris Says:

    Thank you! Dude, you totally made me weep into my (3rd) coffee . . . I’m verklempt (no idea how to spell that). And speechless, which is a first, as I’m sure you know.

    Wait, did you call me “Childish”? Cool.

  2. Pamelalala Says:

    Here, here! Three cheers for Chris!!!

  3. Aubyn Says:

    I am with you – maybe you and bonez and chris and brad should consult the open marriage book to see how this should be celebrated

  4. mattybonez Says:

    –Aubyn, didn’t you want to add a link to the “Open Marriage” book??? *grin*

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  5. Lara Says:

    What’s funny is, I can totally see chris’ face when she said, “cool.” Hope you b-day’s a blast.

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