Mar 15

This isn’t new or news. Simply a re-post of an old article. This was originally posted on 3 July 2003 on our old TAGF site. Our site moved; software changed; life goes on – you get the picture. But every month in our list of hits, this one page gets hundreds (okay, maybe tens) of hits. And sadly, it’s not there anymore.

Instead of pointing and laughing at the sad, lost link, I’ll do good by it and bring it back. And yes, we’ll take care of the old link so it’s like new!

There has recently been some garage sale madness, both sold and bought. And while the idea of making money in this manner is great, it seems that these earnings spend even quicker in the same venue. One law of Garage Sale Karma, perhaps.

One of the items that’s recently come into our home is a sewing table. There was a bit of trouble getting it home (and then built again), but it’s all ready for me now. (Update: It has since moved once more, this time whole and it is still in great shape.)

This is a well-made, sturdy wood table with a bunch of inner hinges and springs that magically store a sewing machine. What you’re seeing here is amazing considering that less than 24 hours ago, it was all in flat pieces. It was unable to fit in our car, so Matty methodically (and sometimes aggressively) took it apart.

There are all kinds of nooks and crannies to store thread, notions and the like. The table top opens and the sewing machine can sit even with the surface. There are fasteners to attach my sewing machine. Then when company comes over or what have you, I can “fold” the sewing machine into the table. Viola! It’s just a table. (I have yet to attach my sewing machine, especially now that there’s a room dedicated to sewing, knitting, and crafts. I guess I’m just waiting for guests.)

I also received this sewing chair. And while it may look ordinary and uncomfortable, it’s actually pretty comfy, the right height, and has a secret compartment under the cushion. I’m not quite certain what I’d want to store under my bottom, but now I have that option.

9 Responses to “Sewing Table – revisited”

  1. Jane Ann Says:

    Wonderful table! I have a question: how far is it from the front edge of the table to the needle? I have a Regal cabinet that sets the needle area only 4-5″ from the front edge, and I’ve seen some custom tables that recommend setting it 11″ from the edge. Seems like a lot, but maybe not. Yours looks to be a good bit more than 4-5″. Thanks!

  2. Nanc Says:

    Thanks, Jane Ann.

    It is a great table. I only wish I could evenly split my time between sewing, quilting, and knitting to give it its due, but alas I am a knitting fiend… for now.

    The distance from the needle to the table edge is 11.25″. So yay! It meets the recommendations. It is very comfortable to sew at, and my only desired change would be more table to the left of the machine. But I’m sure that’s a common wish for any crafter – more table space.

  3. Alicia Says:

    I just got the same exact table! One question…. kinda silly I suppose… but, how do I go about attaching my machine to that hinged shelf, to be able to “hide it”? (Yeah… I am blonde… so it is probably pretty obvious, and just elluding me! HA!) Anyway, if you know, could you share? I’d like to set mine up like that! Thanks!

  4. Roxie Says:

    Is this sewing machine table a commercial one that can be bought? Do you know who the manufacturer is or where one can be bought?


  5. fatima Silva Says:

    Quero receber informativos

  6. Dee Ann Says:

    Hi Nanc,

    Can you tell me where you got this sewing table? It looks like real wood.


  7. Carole Says:

    Hi! My name is Carole. I don’t have a site up yet but I’m working on one. It will have a place on it for sewing spaces. Places where a sewer can go and create or do whatever they want. Anyway, I would like to put your table on it…can I put a link to your pics? Please let me know as I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have your permission. Sorry I don’t have a URL yet (but I will let you know when I do). If you want to know more about me you can visit my blog at Thanks so much for taking time to read this, Carole

  8. ruth Says:

    The compartment under the seat cushion is probably for thread storage. My sewing stool is very similar but without a back. It holds plenty of thread and keeps it safe from dust and sun-fading.

  9. Lorie Says:

    I just love this sewing cabinet you have.It stores everything away neatly and I love the wood!
    I just got a new sewing machine for Christmas.I have not sewn in about 15 years, so i’ts like riding a bicycle.I also got got a drill, sander, and saw for xmas.
    I found and old discarded wooden cabinet that a television was inside.The wood was too beautiful to see thrown out to the recycling, so I thought I may fashion it somehow into a sewing cabinet for my new machine.We shall se how that turns out.