Mar 22

Or you can pretend to be an idiot savant and amaze your friends. You could probably even use this at work to cheat money from your swarthy cube mate. I personally don’t care what you do with this amazing piece of knowledge.

Before we start, you need to gather a few ingredients.

Ingredient List

– A Windows PC (Sorry Chris and Brad).

Okay, now, when you are ready, click the link below. Using only a Windows PC running minesweeper, you can make all of your dreams come true.

Losing your soul with Minesweeper

Click the link, watch the flash, and then practice a couple of times before using this on your soon to be ex-friends.

Next Week: Bending spoons for fun and profit!

4 Responses to “You too can be a Millionaire”

  1. Lara Says:

    Mine didn’t work:( I blew myself up, chicken dinner and all.

  2. chris Says:

    Yeah, I feel left out for being a Mac user (heh). But I’m thwarted even at work . . . my PC in the lab doesn’t even have Minesweeper on it! Probably a ploy by the state to keep their employees from wasting precious state time playing computer games. Dammit.

  3. Aubyn Says:

    this is very cool-thanks matty

  4. Lilyan Says:

    Ohhh that is sooo cool I love it. I gotta break this out at work tomorrow!