Mar 28

Inter… wha?

Posted by Nanc

For those of you waiting for the answers to La’s interview of me, please be bit more patient. You’re dealing with an accomplished procrastintor, ya’ know.

2 Responses to “Inter… wha?”

  1. Pamelalala Says:

    Wha?!? So lame!!! I’m gonna hold my breath until you post!

  2. Lara Says:

    I could go off onto a big rant about how I made the questions ‘easy’ and purposely didn’t go with my trademark stick-it-to-emness…but since I know you’ve been frazzled by deadlines and since I too am an accomplished procrastinator, I won’t give ya a hard time:) It’s ok, really. We can wait. Even if the suspense eats away at our insides like freshly poured Drano on a clog.

    Ha! Guess my mom passed off a little of that good ol’ Jewish guilt (not to be confused with Gelt, which is totally different and not normally passed through genetic lines) trait to me.

    Seriously though, not a biggie – we can wait:) Just don’t take too long–growing babies need Oxygen and Pamela has gone on a breathing strike. Might get messy here in a bit.

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