Mar 31

Damn ninjas

Posted by Nanc

Overheard in la casa:

She: I wonder if she (a common friend) has hit menopause yet?
He: I wonder how old she is?
She: When does one get hit by menopause?
He: Menopause can strike at any time – it’s like a ninja!

[insert fits of laughing]

Yes. Menopause is exactly like a ninja. A black-belt, karate-fighting, menstruation-stopping, hormone-messing ninja! Do you think Quentin Tarantino would make a movie about it?

2 Responses to “Damn ninjas”

  1. Pamelalala Says:

    If he does, I volunteer to be the lead!

  2. Petra Says:

    What was Kill Bill about? HA! Okay, so not Kill Bill, but it would have to be something similar. I think Quentin would be a FABOO idea!

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