Mar 15

Not even a contender

Posted by Nanc

My interest (and the world’s, it seems) in cupcakes has taken me down the road of trying to find the perfect cake and frosting recipe. And I mean from scratch, y’all. It’s not that I’m against box cake mixes, but I would like to find a good, from-scratch recipe. You wouldn’t think that would be so hard, would ya?

This is my quest

Update: photos added to article, thanks to Skittermagoo.

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Mar 9

It’s contagious!

Posted by Nanc

There has been much joshing and joking about how the Clap, er… Clapotis (pronounced Clap-pO-tEE) sounds like a venereal disease. Well, it may not be a virus, but I swear that it’s contagious! Most knitters I know have either made it, are knitting it as we “speak”, or have plans for making one in the future. We all seem to be looking at yarn in a different way – determining if it’ll make a good Clap or not.

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Mar 8

Got Sock?

Posted by Nanc

pink stripped goodness!

Well I do! (Please note that ‘sock’ is singular, in contrast to the more popular ‘socks‘.)

A new and amazing thing happened over the weekend here: a sock was born! See. There to the left. That sock? Yeah, I made that. [said with chest puffed out and proud]

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Mar 2


Posted by Nanc

Hey Skitter … Happy Birthday, grrl!

Let me be the first (no matter what time you read this, it’s early – don’t ask) to wish you the best this year. May happiness find you this year.

I won’t divulge the age of Mme. Skittermagoo, but I will tell you that she’s full of childish vim and vigor. (What that means exactly, I don’t know. But she’s great fun to hang out with.) I will tell you that since meeting C., I believe that I have found my fraternal, non-familial twin. Or sister, none-the-least. We share v. similar tastes in music, movies, men. (Really, it’s kind of weird how similar B. and Bonez are.)

So miss thang, have yourself a great, fun time today. If not for yourself, then for me.

Mar 1
is this a good luck sign?

I’ve done some more thrifting for reusable sweaters/yarn. During a day-trip out with the girls, I scored a mixed bag of winners: some sweaters to rip for the yarn and a felting project. Plus a bonus cardigan, originally bought to rip – I like it how it is and don’t think that I could do the yarn any better justice.

First though, I must remark on the amount of fun we had that day. Oh, the tears of laughter that rolled. Over coffee, grand schemes were made involving a ‘lifted’ golf cart and crazy capers – hillarity insued. We dined at VietNam-the restaurant, outside of which is where I spied the pegasus, before heading out to the thrift. No knitting mice were found (which seems odd – did someone buy them all up? Is there someone else with a room full of skilled creatures knitting? Eep.), but good times were had by all. Or at least by me.

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