Apr 25

Does stupid sell?

Posted by Matty

Normally, we don’t watch commercials. We fast forward through them. But sometimes there is one standout commercial that is so special that we watch it, rewind and watch it again and again.

This entry is about one such 30 second gem, that was so mind boggling
that I took time to write this post about it. You will probably want to read the rest of this story so that you can watch the commercial for yourself.

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Apr 15

Taking my cue (okay – actually stealing the idea) from Best Week Ever, I’m going to start regularly posting ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’ reviews every Friday. These will totally be of my own, not-so-humble opinions perhaps with a little help from my friends.

The premier issue? Dark chocolate M&Ms

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Apr 14

More Cozy Music

Posted by Nanc

Yes, there is knitting content – finally! Does anyone else feel like all knitting projects are going in slow motion while the rest of your life is speeding up?

‘scuse me – you’ve got a little somethin’ on your foot

As a favor for Bonez (a kiss up, er .. favor to his boss), I knit this Rio cozy in boss’ preference: UNC Tarheels. No, I don’t know (or wanna know) what or why they are the tarheels. I just knit what I’m told* and go on.

* No, I don’t really do what I’m told, knitting or otherwise. And Matt was v. humble when asking if I would knit this for his boss-man. It’s a quick knit and I had the right colored yarn, so it wasn’t a big deal. But hopefully it’ll make Mr. Boss happy, and in turn make a happy Bonez. That would be good.

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Apr 12

(Spidey)Baby Got Back

Posted by Nanc

I like big butts (and I cannot lie), but this is ridiculous

Besides the cute bunnies in our back yard, this vision accosted us last weekend.

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Apr 10

Calamari Cupcakes

Posted by Nanc

To celebrate the upcoming arrival of our dear Purling Pirate’s squid, we had a shower!

Now, to some of you that sentence made absolutely no sense, so I will now try to explain:
P-lala, the pirate of Purling P’s fame, is “with child.” This wonderful bundle of human goodness, however, picked up the nickname of the Squid. (Sometimes, it’s best NOT to know why.) Ergo, the Pirate’s Squid Shower!

Now that we’re all caught up. To lend a hand in the celebration, I made, well what else? CUPCAKES! But not just any cupcakes…


Read on, my curious friends. Read on.

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Apr 9

Bunny love

Posted by Nanc

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s really love, lust, or just friends, but we have bunnies in our back yard!

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